10 x 10 years of the republic in the region surrounding Blansko

An exhibition on the occasion of 100th anniversary of the Czechoslovakian state.

This exhibition will present important social, industrial, political and cultural events which have happened in the region since 1918. To better present this topic, this era was divided into 10 separate periods, each starting and ending with the number eight: 1918-1928, 1928-1938, 1938-1948, 1948-1958, 1968-1978, 1978-1988, 1988-1998, 1998-2008, 2008-2018. This division is only approximate and more a form to better introduce this topic to the public. The aim of this exhibition is to show regional changes in comparison and correspondence with changes on the state level and to encourage an analysis of what factors influenced the flow of last century.

The opening will be on the 7.9.2018 at 5 pm. The Havelka Sisters will perform at the opening and there will be refreshments prepared for the visitors. Visitors can see the exhibition untill  2.11.2018.

Entrance to the exhibition opening is free of charge.
Any other day the entry fee is 40/20 CZK.

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