Bees and people

Seasonal ehibition about the life of bees and beekeepers.

The relationship betwenn bees and people is an old one. Bees are interesting to people not only because of all the things they produce but beause of their way of life. A bee is a social insect living in big groups - beehives. At any time in their life a bee knows exacly what their purpose is and what they should do. People learned to look after bees in order to enjoy all their products. However many people keep bees not because of honey, wax, pollen, and other healthy products but because of great love and respect for this insect. For many, beekeeping becomes a lifetime hobby. This exhibition is designed especially for children visitors and contains many thematic games. The opeening will be on 12.4.2018 at 5 pm.

Entrance to the exhibition opeening is free.
Other days 40/20 CZK. 

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