Mystery of bones

Seasonal exhibition about Cave Paleontology and bones found in the local area of Moravian Karst.

The museum natural historian Mgr. Vlastislav Káňa created an exhibition which introduces the subject of Cave Paleontology and its reaserch concerning the unique protected area, Moravian Karst. Many prehistoric bone remains were preserved thanks to the special climate the local caves provide. Many have been found and in some caves, the research is still ongoing. In this exhibition, visitors will have a chance to see sceletons of animals extinct many years ago that used to live in the local caves. The opening will be on the 7.6.2018 at 6 pm. Natural historian, speleologist and curator of this exhibition Vlastislav Káňa will introduce this exhibition. Workshops for children will start at 5 pm.
Visitors will be able to see this exhibition untill the 26.8.2018.

Entry to the opening is free.
Entry at other days 40/20 Kč.

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