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Museum of the Blansko Region (Muzeum Blanenska) is a public-benefit organisation of South Moravian Region. It was founded on the 1st of January 2016. Before that, the museum existed as ‘Museum Blansko’, which replaced the National History and Geography Museum of Blansko District in 1989.

The tradition of having a museum in Blansko started in the 19th century when Jindřich Wankel, a doctor and archaeologist, founded a museum in one of the buildings connected to the Blansko Castle. In this museum, he presented his archaeological findings from the local area, then Moravian Switzerland (today's Moravian Karst). After Doctor Wankel left Blansko, the museum closed and it wasn't until 1959 that a new museum was founded. The exhibitions of the museum are mainly focused on the the production of cast iron, it’s history, and the history of explorations into the Moravian Karst. Visitors can see these exhibitions in the Blansko Castle, where the museum is based.

The building of the Blansko castle is the result of long development, which probably started at the end of 14th century. The original homestead was rebuilt in the 1530s into a stronghold. In the second half of the 16th century the then owner, Matyáš Žalkovský of Žalkovice, started the modifications which transformed the stronghold into a renaissance castle. This reconstruction was finished in 1604. During the 30 Year War, the building was damaged by the Swedes and it deteriorated until Kašpar Lev of Rožmitál repaired it in the middle of the 17th century. In 1695, the Gellhorn dynasty became the owners and they rebuilt and extended the castle in baroque style. The Gellhorn dynasty was also the last family that used the castle as their home residence. In 1766 the indebted castle was sold to the Salm-Reffenscheit family, who incorporated it into their estate in Rájec. The Salm family lived in Rájec and used the Blansko castle only as a summer residence where they accommodated their friends and important employees of Salm’s ironworks. The Salms altered the castle’s building few times. The biggest changes were in 1818 when a part of the outer court was torn down, then in the middle of the 19th century, the castle was repaired in the romantic style. Finally, in 1870 it was reconstructed in the Neo-renaissance style. There are 4 historical interiors preserved from the last big reconstruction in the 1870s. This was also the last time which the owners repaired the castle and after that the building slowly deteriorated and was used as an apartment building. The family owned the castle until 1945 when it was confiscated by the state.

A large reconstruction started in 1960 in accordance with the architect Lacina’s project. This reconstruction was supposed to return the castle back to its original renaissance appearance. In 2007 and 2012, a combination of the EEA and Norway grants and the European Union’s regional operational programs financed the final repairs of the castle.

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seasonal exhibitions
Full fee80,- Kč40,- Kč
Reduced fee
children 6 – 15, students, senior citizens, ZTP card holders
40,- Kč
20,- Kč
Family fee
2 adults plus up to 3 children
160,- Kč
80,- Kč
Free admission
children under 6, accompaniment for ZTP/P card holders


Ticket can be bought for lower prices through Slevomat 
 Reduced entry is also posiible if certain IDOS tickets are presented.

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