A detective investigation against the flow of time with the archaeologist Dr. Flint.

Archeological permanent exhibition.

Welcome to our Journey into Blansko’s Prehistoric Times. My name is Charles Flint and I will be your guide. We will travel through time starting in the year when Blansko was first mentioned in a historical document. The journey will lead us into the past, times when the Neanderthals lived in the caves of the Moravian Karst. Together we will walk through four exhibition rooms, where each room will present a certain primeval stage. There are objects in every room: you can touch them, explore their shape or material and you can try to guess what they were used for. It will be similar to what we real archaeologists do when we uncover something new. With the help of different methods, we try to find out what function an object served. It’s a kind of detective work so let’s use our brain power (grey matter) and explore prehistoric times.

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