Castles around Blansko

At the start of the 13th century, colonization started in Blansko’s region – new areas were inhabited and new homes were built. Colonization spread to the area up-stream of the local rivers, along an old provincial path (known as Trstenice’s path). This path allegedly lead through the Czech countries to the Baltics and even to the Orient. Many castles were built in this area due to this path and this exhibition introduces these castles.

Church institutions were the oldest colonizers in these parts. This is especially true for the region of Blansko as it belonged to the domain of the bishops of Olomouc. The bishop Bruno of Schauenburg founded the castle Blansek (as the centre of the local estate) and the so called ‘Devil’s castle’, which was situated close to the village Olomučany. During the 13th century, the first gentry’s settlements were established, for example Doubravice, Holštejn, Černá Hora and others. Castles in the Blansko neighbourhood present differing building styles, such as; bergfried type with a defensive tower(Doubravice), a castle with  constructions around its perimeter (Blansek), with no towers (Holštejn) or a unique, and in our country the only, cave castle (the Knights Cave). There were also two smaller, mostly wooden castles but their existence was very short (Babice and Lečenec).

Most of the castles which can be seen in the exhibition have since fallen into disrepair and can be found in more or less visible ruins. Their downfall was caused either by wars and battles among the Moravian lower aristocracy at the turn of the 14th and 15th century, or the Hussite and Czech-Hungarian wars in the second half of the 15th century. In some cases, the old castles were left and substituted by more comfortable settlements elsewhere. To this date, only two stately homes prevailed and they are the those in Blansko and Černá hora. Because of the historical context, the scope of this exhibition was widened from the close proximity of Blansko and so the visitors can also see some more distant castles that were situated along the river Svitava. There is also the castle Vildeberg, which was in historical sources accidentally mistaken for Nový Hrad, a castle close to Adamov. There are drawings of the castles as well as models of some interesting buildings to be seen in the exhibition.

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