Dolls at Blansko Castle

Exhibition of historical dolls from the Museum of Ghosts and Fairy Tales in Pilsen

Starting on 27 February 2020, visitors can see a collection of historical dolls as a part of the guided tour of the castle. The living quarters of Blansko Castle are occupied by dolls of all kinds and shapes. The oldest doll is about 120 years old and it is made of biscuit porcelain. Its eyes and lips are painted, in contrast to “younger” hundred-year-old dolls, because the technique of imitating real eyes in a newer one. Not only construction and material of dolls, but their clothes change as well, mirroring the fashion od each era.

The doll exhibition is a part of the guided tour without any additional charges.

Out of the main tourist season, you can see the dolls on Saturdays during guided tours starting at 1 PM and 3:30 PM, as well as on weekdays several times a day (according to the daily schedule and the opening hours). During the main season the guided tours, including the doll exhibition, start every hour.

The exhibition is open till the end of 2020.


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