Historical interiors of the castle

This exhibition represents the most beautiful rooms of the castle. The character of these rooms comes from 1870s when a big renovation of the castle happened.

The castle, as you see it today, is the result of a various long-term reconstructions. From the original middle-age stronghold, the building got bigger through different renovations until the start of the 17th century when it became a renaissance settlement with four wings enclosing a small courtyard. Other adjustments were done in the 17th century, from which the castle acquired its baroque appearance. In the 19th century, part of the historical settlements around the castle were demolished and in the 1870s, an important renovation was completed lead by Bedřich Wachsmann. This renovation resulted in the Neo-Renaissance character of the castle’s interiors. The castle belonged to the Salm- Reiffendsheit family at this time and so the designs were made in a similar fashion to those in Rájec stately home, which was the main seat of the family. Some of the rooms on the 1st floor are beautifully decorated with wooden panelling and cassette ceilings and in places complemented by textile wallpaper. In the following years, more modifications were carried out and, unfortunately, the wood panelling was preserved only in the Blue Parlour, Green Cabinet, Red Parlour, Music Salon and Pink Parlour. It is not known if other rooms used to also have such décor. It cannot be ruled out, however, if it was so, this décor was removed sometime in the past. The castle’s historical rooms were used in various, not always befitting ways, until the start of the 1990s. At the start of the 20th century, the castle served as an apartment building and these rooms were rented out. Later, the offices of the museum were situated here and at one point the town library also took residence in this space. It was not until 1994, when the most beautiful interiors of the castle were opened for the public. Today, furnished with suitable pieces of period furniture, these rooms try to show how they looked at the end of the 19th century.

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