Interactive tours for families with children

Museum prepared several quizzes and games throughout its exhibitions as well as an archeological playroom for its children visitors.

Within our archeological exposition children with the help of their parents can go through Dr. Flint's journey . Within the archeological exhibition children ghave to find answers to cartain questions. The answers will help them to solve an easy crossword puzzle. After solving the puzzle each participant gets a special badge. this game is available only in czech language.

Throughout our guided tour children can complete the game Famous people at Blansko's castle. It represents a set of tasks hidden in special wooden chests. After finishing all the tasks and collecting all the stamps, each participant will be awarded a special Certificate. This game is available only in czech language.

Archeological playroom is an exhibition made especially for children visitors. You can discover some artifacts and as a real archeologist determine how old they are and what they were used for. This exhibition is available only in czech language.

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