Permanent exhibitions

Museum Blanenska currently offers 6 permanent exhibitions, in which visitors can discover some of Blansko's regional history. Muzeum offers several games that children visitors can complete within the exhibitions .

Journey into Blansko’s Prehistoric Times

Archeological permanent exhibition.

Blansko's cast iron

This exhibition presents an overview of products that Blansko's ironworks started to produce around the 1850s. The display shows artistic...

Historical interiors of the castle

This exhibition represents the most beautiful rooms of the castle. The character of these rooms comes from 1870s when a big renovation of...

The living quarters at Blansko’s castle

The Gellhorn family was the last family that used the castle as their permanent residence. Counts of Salm, who bought the castle from Gel...

The Moravian Karst

The Moravian Karst is one of the most important limestone karst areas in Europe and the largest in the Czech Republic. On the 94 square k...

Castles around Blansko

At the start of the 13th century, colonization started in Blansko’s region – new areas were inhabited and new homes were built. Colonizat...

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