The wedding ceremony takes place in the Music salon, one of the most beautiful rooms of Blansko’s castle. Its unique wooden carved pillars and wooden cassette ceiling create a lovely setting for your special day. The ceremony can also be held in the castle’s courtyard and in the event of rain, it can be moved into the Music salon. It is also possible to have wedding photos taken in other historical interiors such as the Blue parlour, Red parlour and Green cabinet.

Wedding ceremony in the Music salon or courtyard: 2.000 CZK
Hiring the historical rooms for a wedding photoshoot: 500 CZK
Hiring the common room (price per hour): 400 CZK

The date and time of your ceremony have to be organized with the Registry office in Blansko:
Phone: +420 516 775 807 or +420 516 775 808

For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us:
Phone: +420 516 417 221


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